If I was Injured Inside or Outside of a Building, how Does My Medical Bills Get Paid in Hartford?

shutterstock_68069866If you slipped and fall on another’s property, you’re going to incur medical bills in many instances and you’re going to ask how and when do these bills get paid. Well, there are many avenues of recourse for payment of medical bills. Often, property owners will have limited medical coverage available regardless of fault. So even before you establish who’s at fault, there is coverage available for limited medical bills. The amount depends on the insurance that each owners take out. However, if there’s inadequate insurance or no insurance for that kind of situation then you would typically submit your bills to your own insurance carrier and they’re obligated to pay those bills regardless of fault so it’s not a situation where they ask you who’s at fault and if someone else’s, they can refuse. They are obligated to pay your bills and if that’s inadequate or you have no insurance then that will be something we will deal with on your behalf in presenting and asserting your claim for damages.

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