I Slipped and Fell Down a Flight of Stairs at an Apartment Complex at Night, do I have a Case?

Slip and FallQuestion:

I was visiting my sister around 7 pm at her apartment, she lives on the second floor, there were railings to hold on to. It was dark outside, and there were no lights on, so as I was about to hit the last step, i didn’t see the floor and my left foot landed wrong and half of my body fell. I went to the emergency room and i have a fractured leg and on crutches,  the doctor told me to follow up with a specialist which i go to on Friday. Can I sue the apartment complex?


In Connecticut, the owner and/or manager of rental housing is responsible for injuries to an occupant and/or his/her visitors, if they are injured as a result of a defect at the premises.  Failure to maintain adequate lighting and handrails is typically an indication of negligence.  One would need an expert witness (engineer/safety inspector) to view the premises to make such a determination.

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