How Long Would the Recovery for My Damages Take in My Injury?

shutterstock_213578512 (2)People often ask me “How long will it take before I recover any damages, and money as a result to my injury?” The honest answer is that no one really knows at the beginning of the stages of any claim and that’s because no two people are injured the same way. No facts or circumstances are exactly the same for any two cases. The liability issues are often different so anyone who tells you “My case was settled in this amount of time,” or “I got that amount of money,” is really not helping you understand the nature of your case, the value of your case and the time frame for your case. Simple cases, if there are such a thing, can often be resolved 6 months to a year. More complex cases and often that’s a factor of how long you’re treatment lasts and that’s the biggest issue. Complex cases can take anywhere from a year to 2 years before they are resolved. In Connecticut, suit must be filed within 2 years on the date of injury. So, you’ll often find the cases are resolved by settlement within two years or less on the date of injury. If however, treatments continuing or you have a complex injury or there’s disputed liability, you’re often looking at suit being filed and when suit is filed, you’re easily looking at a potential 2-3 more years before the case is resolved, sometimes within a year of filing the suit but often longer. So we, as experienced attorneys, want to work with you to maximize your recovery not only in dollars and cents, but time because as the saying goes, time is money.

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