How Does A DUI Charge Affect Auto Insurance Rates In Connecticut?

Getting charged with a DUI can impact a person’s life in various ways. DUI offenders often wonder about their future ability to legally drive. While you might not lose your license or vehicle after a drunk driving conviction, your auto insurance rates will certainly be affected. After receiving a DUI charge, many drivers worry about what will happen to their car insurance. Our law firm has the answers you need!  To learn more, read this blog or reach out to one of our Hartford County DUI Attorneys today.


Yes, a DUI conviction could greatly increase the amount you’ll need to pay for car insurance. This is because auto insurance companies base their rates on the risk of you getting into an accident in the future. Most companies look at least 3-5 years into your driving history, and some look back further for DUI convictions. Insurers can also legally turn away customers who have a DUI on their record, so some companies may refuse to cover you. In Connecticut, DUI offenders pay an average of 95% more in auto insurance than drivers with clean records. Some drivers with a DUI even see their rates by 150%! The average annual cost of car insurance for a driver with a clean record is around $1,600, and the average annual cost for a DUI offender is $2,900. You may be able to avoid these hefty costs by hiring an effective criminal offense attorney immediately after being arrested to help you reduce or dismiss your DUI charges.


The penalties you face for a DUI depend on the circumstances of the incident and your criminal history. First-time offenders (who had a BAC under 0.10%) have a higher chance of facing minimal consequences. In general, these offenders can expect the following penalties:

  • Between 2 days and 6 months of jail time
  • Probation
  • 100 hours of community service
  • Fines between $500 and $1,000
  • 45-day license suspension
  • 1 year with an ignition interlock device (IID)
  • Participation in an alcohol education center

Repeat offenders can earn even more severe punishments. If you commit a second DUI offense within 10 years of the first one, you could earn longer jail time (up to 2 years), much higher fines, and at least 3 years with the IID, along with the other aforementioned penalties like a license suspension and community service. You could also face harsher consequences if your BAC was over 0.10% or if you caused an accident that injured someone.

Have you recently been charged with a DUI? Are you seeking a tough criminal defense attorney to fight for you? Look no further because the Law Office of Marc N. Needelman is here to help! Contact our effective team today for high-quality legal counseling.

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