How Do I Get My Medical Bills Taken Care of After Being Injured in a Car Accident in Hartford?

car accident 3People often ask me “What do I do with my medical bills? How do I get paid? How do I get reimbursed? What do I do with them?” and it varies. Some people have medical coverage under their automobile policy and if you do, and it’s not required, but if you do, the law says you must first submit your medical bills regardless of fault. You must submit them first your own medical insurance through your automobile carrier. If you don’t have medical coverage through your automobile carrier and again, many people do not, then you submit your bills to your personal medical insurance company, your major medical insurance carrier. If that doesn’t work, meaning if you don’t have the coverage or if you have very limited coverage, then what remains unpaid is something that we’re going to be seeking full recovery from the responsible party. Yes, we’re going to seek recovery for all your medical bills and damages but clearly ones that haven’t been paid by third parties by collateral sources receive a priority treatment because we know that money is coming out of your pocket so we’re going to make sure that you’re made whole when it comes to those situations.

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