Fees Involved with Wills and Probate


Fees for drawing wills and trusts vary depending on the facts and circumstances of each case because no two situations are alike, no two estates are alike and no two party’s wishes are alike. So what we do is sit down with you and spend the time to understand what you’re concerns are, what your needs are, what your general plan is and after we have gone through that, we can provide you with the fair estimate of the legal cost involved. Now, when it comes to probating, attorneys in this firm will keep track the time we spend on behalf of the estate. We itemize that time so that it’s always available to you. You’ll know what we have done, how much time we have spent and that is subject to probate court review and approval as well. So you need to be concerned that you may or may not totally understand the billing process because it’s always going to be subject to the probate judges review and approval.

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