FAQ Regarding Estate Planning for Family Members with Special Needs

Estate planning is an important process in life for everyone. Estate planning for individuals with special needs requires extra care. Gaining the assistance of an attorney with specific experience assisting individuals who have loved ones with special needs is crucial in creating a comprehensive estate plan. Having an understanding and skilled attorney will allow your family member to be properly taken care of after your passing. To begin this process today, reach out to our Connecticut estate planning attorney who can walk you through the steps ahead. Continue reading to discover answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding estate planning for family members with special needs.

Should I include my loved one with special needs in my will?

It is a huge misconception among many parents with special needs to feel they cannot inherit their special needs child out of fear that they will lose their government benefits. It is possible for your child to keep their government benefits while still inheriting your assets. A knowledgeable estate planning attorney will be able to establish a special needs trust specifically for this situation. The trust will allow you to have peace of mind that your loved one with special needs is taken care of through all states of their life. Your attorney will understand that your child cannot afford to lose their government benefits. Some government benefits include SSI or Medicaid which help special needs children receive education, medical and dental care, transportation services, and much more necessary assistance.

Should I rely on my children to financially care for their sibling with special needs?

It is possible to rely on your children to financially care for their sibling with special needs. However, when it comes to this process, it is important to understand the steps that need to be put into place to ensure your child with special needs receives these assets specifically. Unfortunately, if your estate plan is not written or prepared properly, your child may not have control over your assets following your passing. The best way to avoid this from happening is to gain the services of an experienced estate planning attorney who will solidify that your assets are to be used strictly for your special needs child given any circumstance. The attorney will be able to put this in proper writing so avoid any complications in your estate planning. Reach out to our experienced Connecticut estate planning attorney today to discuss your options. We are prepared to walk you through each step of this process.

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