Estate Executors in Connecticut

When an individual in Connecticut plans their estate, they often choose someone to act as their executor. The executor plays arguably the most important role after the decedent passes away. They are responsible for handling a wide variety of matters, including carrying out the will and ensuring the completion of the probate process. When choosing an executor to carry out one’s last wishes, it is important to choose someone very carefully. The executor of a will should be trusted to make sure all wishes are carried out as detailed in the will. The role of an executor is very important but also very time-consuming and document-heavy.

Some of the responsibilities that an executor must fulfill during the probate process include the following:

  •  Proving that the will is valid
  • Collecting and putting value to all of the property listed in the will
  • Ensuring that all estate assets are preserved
  • Paying all funeral expenses, debts, and filing outstanding tax returns
  • Managing and accounting for all transactions
  • Distributing all of the assets listed as described in the will to the named beneficiaries
  • Handling any disputes or contested issues of the will or probate

Due to the difficult nature of acting as an executor, an individual may be compensated. If you have questions about estate planning, contact our firm today.

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