Drunk Driving in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, driving while intoxicated is known as “operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs” (OUI/DUI). An OUI/DUI is a serious charge against an individual. While many of those charges in Connecticut are deemed misdemeanors, they hold serious consequences. An individual can be found guilty of an OUI/DUI in the state if they are found driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the legal limit of 0.08%. The legal limit for those under the age of 21 is 0.02%. Commercial drivers have a legal limit of 0.04%. A person’s BAC can prove intoxication through a Breathalyzer or an Alcotest. The charge may result in devastating fines and the possibility of jail time. Penalties for an individual driving under the influence may vary depending on the offense and the age of the offender.

First Offense OUI/DUI

The first time an individual is charged with a drinking and driving offense, there is a certain range of consequences. For a driver’s first conviction, those penalties may include:

  • Mandatory 45-day license suspension
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device for 1 year
  • Jail time up to 6 months
  • Probation with 100 hours of community service
  • Fines from $500-$1000
  • Possible participation in an alcohol education and treatment program

Second Offense OUI/DUI

If you are caught driving under the influence for a second time within 10 years of your first conviction, you are subject to different consequences. Those may include:

  • Maximum of 2 years in jail
  • Probation with 100 hours of community service
  • Fines between $1000-$4000
  • A minimum 45-day license suspension
  • The requirement of an ignition interlock device for at least 3 years

Third Offense OUI/DUI

If you are charged with a third offense, the consequences become much more severe. This may involve:

  • 1-3 years in jail
  • Probation with 100 hours of community service
  • Having your license revoked
  • Fines between $2000-$8000

It is possible to be eligible to have your license reinstated 2 years after it was revoked. This comes with the condition of having an ignition interlock device in your car for as long as you drive. It is possible to have the condition lifted after 15 years by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

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