Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney Even If I Have Insurance?

If you get into an accident, you may think that you should just let your insurance company handle things for you. Your insurance company is probably going to fight for you, right? They might, but an insurance company’s top priority is going to be themselves in situations like this. Do you know who will fight for your interests? Our personal injury attorneys in Bloomfield & Hartford, CT will.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

Even in cases where the injuries were minor and you are mostly dealing with property damages, a personal injury lawyer can be of assistance. Your lawyer can carefully go over the details of your case and figure out who should be held accountable and what kind of compensation you should receive. They can look over settlement offers and tell you why you need to fight for more.

Your insurance company is its own advocate. You need someone who will be on your side throughout this whole affair, and a personal injury attorney is that someone. .

What Do Insurance Companies Do in Accident Cases?

What you need to remember about insurance companies is that they are not generous organizations that cannot wait to give people big payouts. They are a business like any other and like most businesses, they will do their best to reduce their expenditures and keep their profits as high as possible.

This is their priority, not ensuring that those that they cover or those harmed by those that they cover get the best possible settlement in an accident. This is why we often recommend against taking the first offer that an insurer will give you. They have done the math and they are just trying to get out of this for as little money as possible, and if you take such an offer it may not be adequate for covering all of your needs after an accident.

What Else Can a Personal Injury Attorney Do For Me?

Having a personal injury lawyer by your side can make it easier to handle every part of this process. Your attorney can:

Help you with denied claims: Sometimes an insurer does not want to take responsibility. Your lawyer can pressure them and do their best to make them pay you a fair settlement.

Communicate on your behalf: Even your own insurance company might be hoping that you trip up in conversations with them so that they can use that to deny you your claim. It is smart to let your lawyer handle these kinds of conversations for you for this reason.

Gather evidence: Your lawyer may be able to gather evidence that you would not be able to easily get on your own. They can use things like the log books from a truck that was involved in an accident or security footage of a slip and fall to bolster your case.

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