Do I Need a Guardianship for my Will?


Sometimes people need a guardian for their will. A guardian is someone typically appointed by the probate court to make sure that the interest of a minor, typically a child or perhaps someone under some other form of legal or physical capacity, is protected. In most instances, we’re talking about children who may survive your passing and you say “Well, gee, I want to make sure that my children are properly cared for and that any money or property is handled appropriately.” This will lead us to ask “who would you like to be the guardian of your children?” “Who do you have confidence in?” “Who do you want to be in charge of or responsible for you children in the event that you’re no longer here?” So we ask that you give careful thought and consideration as to who will carry out the ways that you would raise your child or children, who will exercise good judgment in terms of handling money and also the upbringing of your child or children, an important concern for all of us.

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