Do I Have a Personal Injury Case if I Fell in My Building?

Gazette_BuildingWhether or not you have a personal injury case if you tripped and fell in your building depends on a number of circumstances that are specific to your case. For instance, if you fall in an apartment building where you have an apartment, the owner of the property is liable if there is a defective condition or there is a dangerous situation which caused you to fall.

The same is true in a business establishment. You will always have to prove that there was a reason for your injury. If you go in as a business invitee, which is a legal term for a customer, and you’re injured on that property if we document that there was a defective or dangerous situation or condition, and that caused you to be injured, then we’re going to be able to establish liability on the part of that property owner or landlord, and recover for you, the injured party.

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