Connecticut Real Estate Market

Making the decision to take part in a real estate transaction in Connecticut often marks the start of a new chapter in one’s life. Real estate investments are often some of the largest investments an individual will make throughout the course of their lives. Regardless whether an individual is going to be purchasing their first home or selling a current home to buy a new one, it is important that they have an understanding of how the real estate market works. Sometimes, it can work in one’s favor, while other times it won’t.

If an individual enters the real estate market when supply is greater than demand, it means that the area is experiencing a buyer’s market. This can be beneficial for someone who is interested in purchasing a home because when there are more houses for sale than there are people actually looking to buy, an eager seller may be more willing to negotiate a lower sale price. This is especially true if the house has been on the market for a long time.

The other option is this: if an individual enters the real estate market when there are more prospective buyers than there are homes available for sale, it is considered a seller’s market. A seller benefits in this environment because with so many eager buyers, the chances of a bidding war hiking up the sale price of the home are much higher.

Though sometimes the market doesn’t sway very far in one direction over the other, it is important to discuss the climate of real estate in the area with an experienced professional.

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