Connecticut Dog Bite Laws

Many people throughout Connecticut and across the country treat their dogs as if they are members of the family. Unfortunately, dogs are still animals at the end of the day and sometimes they lash out in a violent manner. If a dog bites another person and causes serious injury, the victim of the dog bite may want to consider bringing a personal injury lawsuit against the owner. These lawsuits can become very complicated and therefore, it is important to have an understanding of the dog bite laws in Connecticut.

Who is liable for a dog bite incident?

If a dog bites someone, the dog’s owners are liable for any damages to either a victim or to another person’s property. It is important to note that if the victim was trespassing and then got bit by the dog, the owner will not be held liable for the injuries. In addition, if a dog is vicious, an owner cannot lawfully allow the dog to roam the property or injure someone who was not provoking it.

What happens if there are several dogs involved?

If there are multiple dogs involved in an attack, the injured party may be able to seek compensation from all of the owners or one single owner.

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