How Can I Recover Compensation Following a Pedestrian Accident?

Though walking is seen as perhaps the safest of all means of transportation, this is not always the case. Sometimes, pedestrians are injured in accidents, and when this happens, they usually seek financial compensation to help them cover the cost of their in-home care, medical bills, lost wages and more. If you find yourself in […]

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What Should I do After a Car Accident That Was Not my Fault?

Nobody wants to think about a car accident, however, it’s better to have a plan now than to let one catch you so off-guard that you are unable to conduct yourself properly afterward. Many young drivers are so surprised when they get in an accident that they don’t know how to properly respond. However, a […]

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Recovering Compensation Following a Connecticut Escalator Accident

Escalators are about as common as department stores are, so it’s no wonder why nobody stops to think about them. However, escalators are highly technical, massive pieces of machinery, and if they are either poorly manufactured or maintained, accidents can occur. These accidents are unexpected and sometimes have horrible results. This is why most people […]

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Recovering Compensation Following a Labor Day Swimming Pool Accident

This Labor Day, you will most likely find yourself celebrating at a family member’s or friend’s house. We work hard all year long, so it’s great to have a day totally dedicated to us. Generally, we celebrate Labor Day with outdoor activities, such as barbecues, swimming, and more. Labor Day is great fun for all, […]

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How to Recover Financial Compensation Following a Connecticut Supermarket Accident

Though supermarkets are generally not considered dangerous places, people are injured in them all the time. If you have been injured in a supermarket accident, it is most likely not your fault, which is why you are rightfully looking into financial compensation. Here are some of the questions you may have regarding the personal injury […]

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