What can I do if my spouse can’t be at closing day?

One complication that frequently arises is when a married couple is in the process of buying a house is when one of the spouses cannot be at the closing. Of course, it is incredibly important for both parties to be at the closing day to sign all necessary documents but it isn’t always feasible. This often happens in situations where one spouse is away serving in the military or other important business. Luckily, the law recognizes that life gets complicated and has created ways to overcome such issues.

The best solution in this matter, aside from moving the closing day altogether, is for the spouse that can attend closing to obtain power of attorney for the other spouse. Power of attorney allows one person to make financial transactions and decisions on behalf of another party. So, in the case of one spouse not being able to be at closing, the spouse who can attend will be able to sign off on behalf of both of them and complete the real estate transaction.

It is important to obtain a power of attorney before starting the home buying process if you are in a situation where one spouse is frequently unavailable. If you have questions about real estate or estate planning matters, contact our firm today.

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