Can Parents Sue Daycares For Negligence?

Parents leave their children at daycare out of necessity. Trusting another adult with your children is a huge step, especially when they are too young to defend themselves or speak up when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, certain daycares take advantage of that trust, and children are harmed as a result. If your child or children were injured due to a negligent daycare facility, here are some of the questions you may have regarding your legal options going forward:

What are some signs of daycare negligence?

As a parent, you know it is your job to look out for your child at all times. This involves observing your child both in conversation and in passing. If you notice any sudden changes, you most likely have cause for concern. For example, if you notice your child is suddenly losing weight or saying he or she is hungry after daycare, you may have a case of malnutrition on your hands. Additionally, if your child regularly returns home with bruises, cuts, or scratches, your child may have an abusive daycare provider.

While are these horrifying incidents of abuse and maltreatment, you must be aware of the signs of abuse so you can put a stop to it as soon as it starts.

Additionally, if you notice your daycare has rusty or broken playground equipment, asbestos or mold in the air, or any other potential safety hazard is present, you may also have grounds to sue a daycare for negligence if your child is injured as a result.

Can an attorney help me sue a negligent or abusive daycare?

Fortunately, there are laws in place that allow parents to sue daycares, oftentimes regardless of whether they signed a waiver with a liability clause or not. However, a daycare will most likely hire expert legal counsel to keep their business running, so you must do the same to help ensure they are held accountable for their actions.

Your attorney must prove that your child was injured and suffered damages as a result of a daycare employer or staff’s breach of duty. To do so, your attorney will use pictures of your child’s injuries, pictures of the safety hazard that caused his or her injuries, witness statements verifying your claim, videos of the incident, medical documents, police reports, and more. There is no time to wait. Get in touch with one of our seasoned attorneys to get the ball rolling.

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