Can I Sue for Injuries if the Accident was Partially My Fault?

shutterstock_204768727A lot of people come to us and say “You know, I might be a little at fault for that accident,” although the other party clearly bears the brunt of responsibility. “Am I out of luck?” they ask. The answer is no. In Connecticut, the Law of Comparative Negligence says that as long as you are not more than 50% responsible for an accident, you’re entitled to bring a claim and, if necessary, go to court and have a jury decide what fair and reasonable damages are. So, often, we have a dispute perhaps an intersection or similar contested situation and we look at the facts. We look at the physical evidence because, very often, people draw a conclusion very quickly without a lot of thought. We go beyond that cursory. We review our inspection. We’ll examine the evidence. We’ll look at statements. We may take statements from witnesses where appropriate and we’re going to document why and how the other party involved bears the line and share of responsibility to maximize your recovery.

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