Can I Sue For a Dog Attack Injury?

Sometimes a dog attack is a simple accident that no one could have seen coming. However, sometimes such an attack only occurs because an owner or caretaker of a dog is negligent. If you get injured by a dog because of a negligent owner, then you need to make things right. Our Hartford County dog bite injury attorneys can help you do that.

When Should I Sue Over a Dog Attack?

You should sue over a dog attack if it has caused significant injury and if you believe that the dog owner or caretaker was careless. If someone is not properly looking after their dog, it could be dangerous to more people. It is better that they learn this lesson now than later, after it attacks other people or pets.

There are a few things to keep in mind though. You will probably only be able to successfully sue if you were lawfully on public or private property. If you were trespassing somewhere, the same protections do not apply. You should also keep in mind that if you sue you will likely be suing a dog owner’s insurance policy. Insurance companies can be tricky to deal with, so having a lawyer on your side can help.

What is the “One Bite” Rule?

A “one bite” rule is used to hold dog owners accountable for damage caused by their dogs if they had any reason to know that their pet could be a danger to others. If the dog has a bite history, that should be obvious evidence that a dog owner needs to be extra careful when their pet is around other people.

They should also know about the potential danger of their dog if the dog has engaged in other aggressive behavior, like lunging at other people or animals. This is behavior that should be trained out of a dog, not ignored. A negligent owner who does not take steps to reduce the danger that their dog poses to others is a major problem.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Get After a Dog Attack?

A dog attack does not just cause cuts and other physical wounds. It can be psychologically scarring as well. Your compensation should cover the expenses stemming from the attack, like your medical bills, but it also needs to make up for the mental anguish you experienced.

What Should I Avoid After a Dog Attack?

After a dog attack, you want to keep your options open and take care of yourself. If you want to successfully sue for compensation, you should not:

  • Talk to the owner’s insurance company
  • Settle for the first compensation offer
  • Put off medical care
  • Neglect your mental health

Focus on your recovery and talk to a lawyer who can help you deal with everything else.

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