Can I seek legal action after a pedestrian accident?

The busy streets of Connecticut cities can seem chaotic at times. There are motor vehicles zooming past stores and pedestrians trying to cross the street. These scenes can quickly become dangerous. If drivers are not aware of pedestrians, they can cause an accident to occur. If a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, it can cause major injuries to the pedestrian. The injured pedestrian is able to seek a lawsuit against the driver of the vehicle. If the driver failed to do their part in maintaining a safe environment by practicing safe driving habits, they may be held accountable for the actions. Pedestrians have no protection from cars. There are specific rules where cars have to yield to pedestrians. If cars fail to yield in these specific settings, they may hit a pedestrian. This can cause a pedestrian to be gravely injured. The driver should be held responsible for the failure to abide by the proper rules of the road for pedestrian safety.

Pedestrians can be harmed in a variety of situations that involve driver negligence. A driver can be distracted by various objects in their surroundings. One of the most common distractions can be their cell phone. If they are using their cell phone while driving, they may be held responsible for the accident that occurred. Negligent driving that can lead to pedestrian accidents can also include reckless or careless driving and driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a driver has committed one of these wrongs when they injured you, they can be proven to be negligent and held responsible.

How do I proceed with the case?

When you are trying to hold a driver responsible for an accident where they struck you while traveling as a pedestrian, you may have to prove they were negligent. By proving the driver was negligent in this situation, it can fulfill the burden of proof. When the burden of proof is fulfilled, it may result in a successful lawsuit for you that can help you receive compensation. This compensation can cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages since you may be out of work due to the injuries you acquired. You may also receive compensation for the pain and suffering you endured from the accident’s injuries and the impact it can have on your future quality of life. During these cases, it is important to collect any evidence you can to support your case.

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