Assault Consequences in Connecticut

shutterstock_148390613Every state, including Connecticut, has laws prohibiting assault. It is helpful to define what assault legally is. Well, commonly stated, it’s when you strike another person and you don’t necessarily have to injure them in any significant way. However, there are different degrees of assault that a person can be charged with. When you don’t actually cause severe injuries to a person, this is a misdemeanor assault, which essentially is a hit, a slap, a punch, a slight cut or a contusion.

On the other end of the spectrum, a felony assault consists of serious bodily injury, perhaps a large gash, a broken bone, a concussion or other similar injury. If you’re charged with assault, understand that both the police and the prosecutor are going to treat that case very seriously and you need effective criminal representation in that kind of situation. As a former prosecutor, I know how to protect your interests and your rights when dealing with an assault charge.

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