Are Injuries From Tailgating Accidents Eligible For Compensation In CT?

It’s essential for all drivers to be aware of the importance of keeping a safe driving distance at all times. Unfortunately, many drivers end up ignoring or forgetting about this rule and end up tailgating others. Tailgating is when someone drives too closely behind another vehicle, and this act is illegal in Connecticut. This driving practice becomes especially hazardous if the driver in front stops suddenly; a rear-end crash can easily happen this way. If you’re a Connecticut resident, you might be worried about how common tailgating accidents are in your state. No need to panic because our effective law firm is here to help! Read this blog today to find out how one of our Hartford County Car Accident Attorneys can provide high-quality legal counseling.


Tailgating accidents are actually more common than most people think. In fact, tailgating is one of the leading causes of car collisions in the United States. Recent statistics say that about one-third of all car accidents per year in this country are rear-end collisions. According to another study, over 70% of drivers reported that they have been tailgated in the past month. Most tailgating accidents happen when there is a change of speed within a short distance.


There are many possible reasons why a driver might drive too closely behind another car. Most of the time, tailgating stems from a driver’s impatience. For example, someone might tailgate if they’re in a rush to get to school or work. Other than impatience, the most common reasons that people tailgate include:

  • Impairment/intoxication from drugs or alcohol
  • Distractions, like texting while driving
  • Road rage and aggression


Connecticut is an at-fault state, meaning the driver who caused the accident will be responsible for covering most of the damages. Any police officers that arrive at the scene will most likely determine which driver was at fault by interviewing everyone involved and witnesses. However, the at-fault driver’s insurance might not cover all of your expenses.

You may also be able to earn further restitution by filing a valid personal injury claim. A lawyer can help you gather the evidence you need to prove that the at-fault driver’s negligence directly led to your injuries. In court, negligence is when someone fails to use reasonable care and causes a preventable accident that harms victims. Tailgating drivers can be considered negligent in court because the act of tailgating is not only harmful but also illegal.

Have you recently been injured in a car accident caused by a tailgating driver? Are you seeking a talented personal injury attorney who has your best interests in mind? Look no further because the Law Office of Marc N. Needelman is on your side! Contact our highly experienced team today for an initial consultation.

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