Apartment Complex Did Not Clear the Parking Lot I Fell, Breaking My Ankle on Both Sides. Are they Liable?

slip fall iceQuestion:

I live in a large apartment complex, parking is regulated, assigned parking. I was walking to my car, ice in the parking lot, I fell and broke my ankle, Dr is talking surgery. Is the apartment complex responsible to put down salt? are they responsible for damages? can they be held responsible or is it considered private property?


In Connecticut, the owner/manager of rental property is responsible for keeping parking lots and sidewalks reasonable clear of snow and ice.  The law allows these parties a “reasonable” period of time after the end of a storm to clear the areas.  If however, there is really no storm, then there is an ongoing duty to treat the areas and keep them reasonably safe. The fact that you are a tenant at the property means that you have the right to move about the property without having to worry about what is routine ice/snow treatment.

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